Monday, December 13, 2010

Yater Crew Dinner

Sunday dinner at Arnoldes in SB with the Yaters , Fredricks, and Robinsons.

The weather was so nice this weekend outside patio was perfect, thats Linda Fredricks to my left she used to run Yaters old showroom on State st. in the mid 6o's thats where she met Stu here husband and next to her Sally Yater.

Renny and Sally used to eat here every sat. back in the day, Stu was a standout local at Rincon for the last 40+ years .

Nice sunset from the Robinsons on the way to town for dinner. a good time, good food and good to see old friends . PS the header shot was the OG OWL shop in Santa Cruz.


  1. nice kirk- i saw tom hickenbottom today- he was wearing a yater t-shirt. still classy.
    all my best,

  2. Yater made many boards for Tom over the years, Marc and I worked on quite a few in the 7o's. Steiny have a good Holiday.

  3. likewise kirk- i'll tell tommy that his photo is here. i might have his email somewhere but he lives just down the street

  4. Anonymous12/14/2010

    isn't the position of sitting at the head of the table usually reserved for the guest of honor, a person of power or importance?

  5. I saved that seat for Sally but we put her by the fire to keep her warm.

  6. Anonymous12/14/2010

    i was going to go off on the person that posted about seating, but i see good ol' KP did the right thing-a true caballero....
    el vaquero

  7. Anonymous12/18/2010

    when the check came i heard yater say alls he found were skidmarks and a cowboy hat in the parking lot

  8. My wallet was empty after Rennie had me run to the bar for a couple of his Gibson's straight up martinis.