Saturday, December 3, 2011

1982 Super 8 Grabs

1982 just before our move to Maui, I was plastering swimming pools and was in the best shape of my life.

My old amigo Alan Casagrande shot this , the backside of Countyline. The board was a Liddle 7'11'' Asymetrical tail and was about 2 '' thick.

Back then I remember cracking it am and running back home to help with my kids .

Ya gotta love the way a hull cuts the water. I would like to know when I swallowed another human seems like I am twice the size............ um might be the Tecate's.

Inside was kinda sketch, the inside rocks from the rivermouth were pretty big .


  1. Anonymous12/03/2011

    talk about style...

  2. Anonymous12/03/2011

    sweet shots Mr. Putnam!

  3. Anonymous12/03/2011

    i'm going with four too! number three looks like a reverse liddle...
    el vaquero

  4. Anonymous12/03/2011

    oh, which is a complement( in regards to number three)
    el vaquero

  5. Anonymous12/03/2011

    Too cool for school, KP.
    In '82, I was living in Vancouver, BC and ferried across to Vancouver Island to surf Jordon River for the first time. I had a 6'8" and a 7'2" GL smoothie. The locals made fun of the shape.
    PJ Diamond

  6. #4 was what made me dig these out , I like those shots of Joe Quigg triming on his boards in the new Surfers Journal a must read for any Hullaholic.

  7. Anonymous12/04/2011

    uh, could be because we are 30 years older since those photos...think about it. 30 years since those, yet around 20 put in before those, and to imagine some think they are the shit after a mere five years of riding/building hulls... should i laugh or cry?

  8. Anonymous12/06/2011