Friday, May 25, 2012

Andreini Boards

Marc dropped off some boards for Mollusk Venice today.

6'0'' Leenough Quad

7'2'' Vaquero

5'10'' Leenough

6'4'' Vaquero 2 + 1

6'10'' Vaquero

Myself waxing up at Pleasure Pt. on my honeymoon 1976 , with a 6'10'' Marc had made me ,very much like the 6'10'' posted, we were both working at Yaters at the time, almost the same color. 


  1. Leenough? Tell us more !

  2. The black one is a beauty. Don't think I've ever seen a shape by Marc that I didn't like. Aloha!

  3. The Leenough is a board Marc shaped for longtime friend Bob Leonelli and Bob wanted a Greenough type template with 4 fins , hence the name Leenough.