Saturday, May 12, 2012

Rancheros Vistadores

Another year on the R.V. ride.

Los Padres Outfitters crew , Soto , Mikey and Zack , I am lowman on the totempole so I get to take the picture.

On the way to upper Janeway campo, still pretty green back there.

Graham Goodfield , owner operator of LPO became a RV member this year, Rode hard and put up wet.

Setting up our little spot at the Janeway camp.

Rideup bar at Amigo's camp.

Rancho Kiyanikoi

Back way up.

Real Tacos.

Back to Janeway camp.

Graham taken J.J. Hollister for a wagon ride.

Marc and Pete Andreini. Well good weather and no one got hurt to bad , PS we all still miss our freind and mentor Tony Alvis always on our minds on the RV ride .

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