Saturday, June 30, 2012

RIP , Spaniard and Neil Tobin

Sad week, Andres Martinez '' The Spaniard'' passed away out off Santa Cruz Island doing what he loved most diving sea urchins. He was a legend in the urchin fleet and will be missed by many.

Both my godsons Shane and Jason Robinson worked and learned much from Andres and he taught them well. Another fishing legend passed yesterday up in Morro Bay, Neil Tobin was a black coral diver in Hawaii and Abalone diver in the haydays of Ab diving in Santa Barbara and had been fishing up in Mooro Bay for many years , He ws found in his trusty crusty boston whaler fishing live fish above Mooro Bay, both these men went out doing what they loved , RIP Spaniard and Neil. boat photos via: Jeff Chamberlain


  1. Header shot of Estaban Bojorquez aka '' Dirt '' grinding fins for Liddle 1970 . photo: Dave Lloyd

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