Monday, June 18, 2012

Tres Super Smoothies

Got 3 new Super Smoothies 

2 , 8'6'''s and a 8'2''

Foil on the 8'2'' 3'' thick

8'2'' n.18''.25 w.23'' t. 15''

8'6'' SS

8'6'' n.18''.25 w. 23'' t. 15'' th. 3'' I think one of the 8'6'''s is sold info on the others


  1. Anonymous6/18/2012

    Seems like there is more front rocker that usual?

  2. Kinda of deceiving, it has more of a relaxed tail rocker and we take a little bit of foam off the top in the front 3rd to take a bit of swing weight out , but it makes it look like more nose rocker , but it it's really pretty low . If you make a 8ft plus hull and don't put some rocker in the board will it just go over on the rail and just stay there, too stiff!

  3. 8'2'' and 8'6'' Super Smoothies at Wetsand in Ventura.