Saturday, April 16, 2011

43 Years Apart

Florian's V's # 60 and his new board 43 years apart.


Lots of V and alot of fin! a Waveset Greenough Stage 1 .


  1. The template looks almost identical to my 1968 (#080), but mine doesn't have the v-bottom.

    For pics of mine, check this link:

  2. Stage 3 fin.

    The Stage 1 was much shorter, as Morey-Pope was limited to the length of the mold they could use at that GG had to make it a shorter, stockier shape than he wanted.

    By the time Stage 3 came around, they were able to mold deeper fins.

    Stage 3 is the most underrated/forgotten mass produced fin of all time. Fantastic on longboards! Transformed whip-turning noseriders into rail carving pocket machines with the turn of two screws.

  3. Anonymous4/17/2011

    mine is #82, same thing- minus the v as well.
    el vaquero

  4. PG thanks for that, the bigger Stage 3 has always confused me as I thought the bigger one was first one in production.