Monday, April 25, 2011

Boards 4 Sale

Front to back a 7'6'' GL/PB, sold ,next is a 7'4'' PB a 7'4'' V a 6'8'' GN and a 6'8'' Death board.

Also have a couple of uesd boards a 7'2'' Death and a 7'1'' Asymetrical .

Hand made, in the USA by Greg Liddle start to finish.

Info at


  1. 7'2'' Death board SOLD.

  2. 6'8'' GN 6'8'' Death board and 7'4'' GL at Thalia surfshop.

  3. The "Eat More Possum" board was 7'3'' as I recall, with a thin (2.75"?) deck and semi-full round rails. I rode it several times, and it was really, really fast.

    Saw Steve make it all the way across from the top of second into the cove many times. I have to say, that was my favorite "Dirt Machine" era.

  4. ...referring to the photo up top, not this posting.