Saturday, April 2, 2011


Springtime, the roundup's are comin up, Soto and C. Malloy get ready to cut the calfs out.

Andi ( Mr. Miller's better half ) was raised on a big cattle ranch in Australia and a former roper champ. First time I met Andi we went on a ride , a first date with Matt and when we were done Matt asked me what I thought , I said you should drive to Vegas right now, they been together ever since.

Graham Goodfield from Los Padres Outfitters and Chris Malloy setting up for a head and heal.

2 surfin cowboys Pete and Matt. Pete also a great polo player and runs Vinos Vaqueros which does wine rides up in Santa Ynez valley Matt doing what he does best , pinchin tecates from MY cooler. These shots are from a few years back just a small roundup at Rancho Grande. This was a dry year , gonna be nice and green this year with all the rain .

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  1. Anonymous4/02/2011

    she is also a former world cutting horse champ. still snow on the hills-even after this short spell of record heat! the streams will be flowing for a while.a prime swimming hole year for sure!
    el vaquero

    ps-tecates always taste better when they get pinched from your cooler...